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Top 15 Dispute Resolution Podcasts you Must Follow in 2019

We were excited that our Mediator Musings Podcast which was started as a way to bring content to our members in an easily consumed format has been added to the list of the top 15 Dispute Resolution Podcasts you must follow in 2019 by Feedspot.

In 2020 we are intending on creating a podcast tailored to clients of dispute resolution services to help them to understand what to expect, what they shouldn’t expect and should complain about and most importantly tips, skills and strategies to strengthen their negotiation and problem solving skills.

We invite members to continue to collaborate with us on the Mediator Musings Podcast and the future to be named podcast for 2020.

Mediator Musings with major James Frances

Respect the process. I have found myself in meditations where participants have opted out during the mediation. While part of me wants resolution on everything, a fraction of an outcome is still an outcome. Respecting the client’s honesty is a precious thing.

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Top 15 Dispute Resolution Podcasts you Must Follow in 2019

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