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Mediation Institute is one of Australia's fastest-growing professional bodies for dispute resolution professionals.

Host of the Mediation Institute Network and Coordinator of the International Mediation Awareness Week (IMAW).

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Is your NMAS Mediator Accreditation through Mediation Institute?

Mediation Institute is a recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) able to accredit people under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) throughout Australia.   

We train, assess and accredit Mediators under the NMAS. We also offer assessment and accreditation for mediators who trained with other training providers. 

Select the correct form for your situation. 

Have a question or want to talk to someone?

You can call us  on 1300 781 533 

Please leave a message if we are not able to answer your call. 

We have a remote office team of three and sometimes we are not able to pick up a call. 

NMAS Mediator Accrediation and Mediation Institute Membership only $360 for two years!

NMAS Mediator Membership

This membership category is for people who are applying for accreditation or renewal of their NMAS Mediator Accreditation. 

If you are an experienced mediator but not NMAS accredited, contact us to find out how you can have your skills recognised as an NMAS Mediator through the experience qualified pathway. 

Mediation Institute Membership only $260 for two years!
(not including NMAS Accrediation)

Practitioner Membership

This membership category is for people who are:

  • Certified Family Group Conference Facilitators,
  • Qualified to apply for registration as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners
  • NMAS Mediators accredited through a different Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body WHO DON’T WANT TO TRANSFER TO MEDIATION INSTITUTE.  

 If that is you, we’d love you to join Mediation Institute as a Practitioner Member. 

Benefits of joining Mediation Institute

Mediation Institute is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) 

We provide beginning to end support for those who want to become qualified as NMAS Accredited Mediators. 

Find out More about the NMAS and Mediator Accreditation.  www.msb.org.au

If you are a NMAS Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner or a Family Group Conference we offer you independent complaint handling services.

Complaints about dispute resolution professionals are rare but if they do occur we manage the complaint process fairly, quickly and proportionately.  Find out more about our complaint handling service. 

Complaint Handling 

We offer friendly, discussion type professional development opportunities online for NMAS Mediators, FDR Practitioners and Family Group Conference Facilitators. Check out what’s on soon https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/events/

The Dispute Resolution Agency is a comprehensive marketplace for dispute resolution professionals including lawyers, mediators, psychologists, child specialists and others who work in some way in the dispute resolution sector. 

Support includes the directory, a simple case management platform, professional networking and business development support and more!  www.disputeresolutionagency.com

Mediation Institute Members benefit from substantial discounts on the standard subscription.  Contact members@mediationinstitute.edu.au to get your discount code. 

Members have access
to the Mi Members and Students online wiki learning management system and collaboration groups  https://mi.study247.online

Current Groups are :

  • State Based Groups where we provide updates on jobs and other state based information
  • Practice area groups for:
    • Child Inclusive Practice Group
    • Commercial Mediation
    • Aged Care Mediation
    • Family Group Conference Facilitators Group
    • Family Dispute REsolution Practitioners Group
    • NMAS Mediators Group
    • Workplace Mediation Group
  • Employee or Private Practitioner Groups


Mediation Institute director co-founded and continues to support not-for-profit Interact Support. Interact provides internship opportunities for our Grad. Dip. FDR students and workplace experience and contract work for our members. Find out more about the Interact Online (IO) and the Interact Community Dispute Resolution Service (ICDRS)   www.interact.support 

We have arranged some member discounts and contact us for help to negotiate group discounts and special offers with other providers.  https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/member-benefits/

If you have an ethical or practical question you can call Mi and talk to one of our team.  We want our members to be providing the highly professional and ethical  services and are here to support you.  Call 1300 781 533 or email the office if you have a niggling doubt or want some guidance.


Thank you for all of your support and mentorship over the past years.  Your wisdom, passion and care for this industry has been inspiring and has kept me going with it when it has been really tough.  Thank you for the supportive and understanding phone calls when I have struggled with challenging cases, I have really appreciated it. 


The opportunity to network on socials with a Mi Members Only Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mi.member Apply to join and we’ll let you in if you are a current Mi Member.

If you are just starting out and want some more structured support or co-mediation guidance for your first mediation jobs we can connect you with another member who can provide that support.

Applies to NMAS Mediators, FDR Practitioners and Family Group Conference Facilitators. 

If you have not been mediating for a while or need to upskill in new approaches you can participate in training with Mediation Institute.

Corporate Member
Corporate Membership

If a business is paying for multiple memberships apply for a corporate membership.

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