Mediation Institute External Complaint Handling System

The Current Version of the Mediation Institute External Complaint Handling Service is February 2018. Mediation Institute External Complaints Handling Service 2018

Mediation Institute Code of Ethics

The Current Version of the Mediation Institute Code of Ethics is February 2018.  Mediation Institute Ethical Standards 2018 v1

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Mediator Complaint Handling


Mediation Institute is a recognised mediator accreditation body and provides complaint handling services for members.

We also accept complaints about non-accredited people claiming to be mediators in an effort to support the mediation industries increased professionalism.




Family Dispute Resoluiton Practitioner Complaint Handling

Mediation Institute provides an independent Dispute Resolution service for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners throughout Australia in compliance with the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008.

We also accept complaints about non-FDRP mediators claiming to be Family Law Mediators.

See our standard membership if you are also a NMAS Mediator



Education Provider Independent Dipsute Resolution


Mediation Institute provides an External Complaint Handling Service throughout Australia for education providers.




Efficient and Effective

Complaints that are resolved early are the least expensive and potentially damaging. Conflict that is allowed to fester can escalate into violence or major legal or health issues.

Mediation Institute provides a cost effective and targeted approach to resolving complaints and conflict that need to be escalated to an independent service.


Fair and Proportionate

It is critical that complainants are treated fairly and their complaints are considered as to their merit. In this time of social media and activism thinking that you can fob off and ignore complaints is unwise.

The cost of complaint handling should be in proportion to the seriousness of the issue and the potential of harm to people and businesses. The right tool for the job will get the job done right. The wrong tool will probably just make things worse.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Complaints should be treated differently to other business information. You have to respect the privacy and confidentiality of dispute resolution processes.

Information to do with mediation doesn’t belong in general HR files and is definitely not grist for the gossip mill. A failure to clarify and comply with privacy obligations can be very expensive down the track if escalation occurs.

External Complaint Handling Service Options

Mediation Institute offers an External Complaint Handling Service to Mi RMAB Members who are NMAS Accredited Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners included in their annual membership fee.

We also offer a membership based service for RTOs which includes access to our External Complaint Handling Service.

If you are from a different industry and have a compliance obligation to have your Complaint Handling Service Specified please contact Mediation Institute to discuss your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of complaints do you handle?

Mediation Institute complaint handling service deals with any complaints, appeals or grievances related to a member or client of our external complaint handling services.

We can also provide one off mediation services for organisations and will accept complaints about accredited and non-accredited mediators or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who you are unable to find a complaint handling service for.

Is Mediation Institute a Government Funded Service?

No. Mediation Institute is not a Government Funded Service.

Our Complaint Handling Service is designed to prevent issues from escalating to Fair Work or other tribunal where they are resolvable in a less adversarial and costly way.

Our External Complaint Handling Service for Mediators is offered as a part of our members accreditation and provides independent dispute resolution professionals with an independent third party organisation to work with them and with complainants in an effort to resolve conflicts over services or any other aspect of their mediation practice.

If a complaint about a Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner is substantiated and the practitioner has behaved in a way that is illegal or unethical there may be further consequences such as NMAS de-accreditation, a report to the Australian Attorney Generals Department and a report to the appropriate authorities.

What does the service cost?

Acceptance and preliminary review of complaints is free for Mediator and RTO Members.

Should additional services be required to resolve the dispute a Complaint Manager will be allocated and their fees are due and payable. Generally fees for these services are payable by the Mediator or RTO in order to prevent any perception that cost is being used as a barrier to prevent complaints about your services.

The cost will depend on the services provided. As a guide the base hourly rate for online or phone services is $220 with travel and/or venue costs payable for onsite or in venue activities.

I want to make a complaint. What will that cost me?

There is no financial cost associated with making a complaint about a Mediation Institute Mediation or RTO Member.

Please contact us to discuss your concerns.

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