Education Finance

Education Finance is a way to access the funds for professional training without paying credit card finance rates.Education Finance

If your goal is to become a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and you can’t afford our normal payment plan of $1,500 per month then Education Finance may be the answer.

The cost of the money

The cost of financing your course depends on your credit rating and history.

  • The lowest risk applicants should expect an interest rate of between 8.99 – 12.99%.
  • The next level between 12.99% and $16.99% and
  • those with a higher risk somewhere between 14.99% and 18%.

This is current as of 1st July 2017 and is not a comparison rate. You will be given proper financial disclosure information upon application.

Requirements to apply for Education Finance

Education Finance is a personal loan. To be successful in your application you must have:

1. A stable, verifiable income of $40,000 or more per year

If you are employed (and not on probation) you will have to provide pay slips or your tax return and if you are self-employed you will need either a lodged tax return or a letter from an account confirming you have sufficient income.

2. No credit Defaults

How to proceed

If you are considering our CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution course or our Pathway program (NMAS Mediator Accreditation followed by the Graduate Diploma course) this is the enrolment process.

Step 1: Contact us to book in for an enrolment interview.  This video session is to make sure that you understand our training methodology and the course and to discuss your pre-requisite qualifications and entry to the course. If we are both satisfied that the course is right for you then we will offer you and enrolment form to complete.

Step 2: Complete your enrolment form and let us know on the form that you will be applying for Education Finance.

Step 3: Pay the $500 refundable deposit to Mediation Institute and complete the application for the Education Finance. A link will be emailed to you.  If your loan application is successful then you can proceed with your course and if not your deposit will be refunded and the studies will not proceed.


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