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NMAS Mediator Accreditation and Mi Membership Renewal


2-year renewal of your NMAS Mediator Membership with Mediation Institute.

We also need this form completed to confirm that you meet the renewal requirements.

Mediation Institute NMAS Membership Renewal

Is your NMAS Mediator Accreditation due for Renewal?

This is the right membership renewal category for you.

Are you also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Family Group Conference Facilitator, or Transformative Relationship Mediator?

Still the right membership category.

We also need this form completed – Mediation Institute Renewal Application

Requirements for NMAS Re-Accreditation

To renew your NMAS accreditation you must meet the following requirements:

  • you have not been disqualified from professional practice, had any undisclosed criminal convictions or other impairment that could influence your ability to discharge your obligations in a competent, honest and professional manner.
  • completed 25 hours of mediation, co-mediation, family dispute resolution or conciliation in the preceding 2 years – there are additional requirements if you do not meet this requirement.
  • completed 25 hours of professional development in the preceding 2 years – you will need to complete this before your renewal can be finalised.
  • maintain professional indemnity insurance, be insured through your employer or have statutory immunity

Member Benefits Include

  • NMAS Mediator Accreditation: and listing on the MSB Register of NMAS Mediators https://msb.org.au/mediators
  • Complaint Handling: as a member, Mediation Institute provides independent complaint handling services for you when working as a NMAS Mediator, FGC Practitioner or FDR Practitioner. You are not required to use our complaint handling service if you are covered by your employer or another association.
  • Professional Development: Free and member rates Professional Development opportunities.  See the events calendar to register. All Mi webinars are free for members. https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/events/
  • Professional Community: Networking opportunities with other dispute resolution professionals including member-only Facebook groups, Members course area with tools, resources and discussion groups and webinars.
  • Professional Profile: Opportunities to develop and share a professional profile as a dispute resolution professional https://www.mediationinstitute.edu.au/mi-members/ and be listed on the Mediation Institute Members Map.
  • Opportunities to Guest Blog: Members are welcome to guest blog on the Mediation Institute and Interact Support sites.
  • Mediator Musings Interview: Members are welcome to book in for a Mediator Musings Podcast interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have not completed 25 hours of professional practice and/or professional development?

If you have not met the renewal requirements established by the National Mediator Accreditation System, you will be required to complete additional professional development and/or be re-assessed for competence.

I am already NMAS Accredited with another RMAB. Can I join just to access Mediation Institute Membership benefits?

If you are a dispute resolution professional, yes, you can Mediation Institute, but you can only be NMAS accredited through one Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body.

If you have another dispute resolution qualification, you can join as that type of membership or as an NMAS Mediator not accredited with Mediation Institute.

Membership Plans that are available are: