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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and reflect on my FDRP journey. I remember calling to reach out prior to signing up and the person I spoke to (I cannot remember the name) was fantastic, he was friendly and very helpful and informative. After that conversation I decided to jump in to FDR and see where it took me. I found the student portal fantastic, user friendly and packed with valuable information. I also found the expectations and the timeline of what was I needed to do was very well put together and made completing my studies easier.

The role plays were daunting at first but Cynthia is an exceptional mentor and woman who supported me and I learned so much from her. I did mine role plays with Cynthia and Jo Croxton who are both lovely down to earth women who were always happy to guide you through the process and provide assistance where needed. My NMAS was with Peter who I also found to be an exception mentor and was very approachable and down to earth.

I know the marking team at times became a skeleton team but I commend them for persevering and always remaining dedicated to getting the marking down. I appreciate their efforts as well.

During the placement phase I found challenging because finding one was quite difficult, but once I got there, again Cynthia stepped up and supported me beyond my expectations. I know we have had minimal interactions but I find you (Joanne) lovely to chat to, very enthusiastic and approachable and your feedback on my placement reflections was so on point and the questions you asked so that I could reflect further really reiterated why I believe Mediation Institute offer an exceptional service to FDR students.

I am also very appreciative of the online member forums that are available and its so humbling to know you don’t just train people and send them off. You continue to support us and help with personal and professional growth and this is a tribute to your value system.

I am proud to be a member of Mediation Institute and I will be back to study in 2024

You have clarified lots of questions I had in relation to assessment process and the variations in learning and how to apply the learning into practice. You are very patient and very good in navigating the information.

Also, you are very kind in navigating through the role play scheduler and organising me for the more practical way of attempting to the assessment.

I very much appreciative of the support. I feel more comfortable in attempting to my role play as the mediator tomorrow.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I found it to be very informative and detailed in every phase of the course.

I feel that it has given me the knowledge necessary to facilitate and continue to build on these skills.

I feel that Eve presented the workshops at a level where everyone could understand the information and was able to give plenty of examples and real life scenarios. I felt that the theory was made relatable once I had attended the workshops and I was able to comprehend the theory once completed.

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