Family Group Conference Facilitator Membership


Family Group Conference Facilitator Membership

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This member class is for Family Group Conference Facilitators who are neither FDR Practitioners or NMAS Mediators or who are not yet members of Mediation Institute.

To be eligible for this membership you must be a certified Family Group Conference Facilitator or provide evidence of current experience as a FGC e.g. a letter from your employer.

This membership class DOES NOT INCLUDE NMAS Accreditation as a NMAS Mediator. Use the NMAS Accreditation Application if you are also applying for NMAS Accreditation as additional requirements apply.

Member Benefits

  • Membership includes access to our external complaints service that can address complaints made against you in the role of FGC Facilitator. You are not required to use our complaint handling service if you are covered by your employer or another association.
  • Free and member rates Professional Development opportunities.
  • Access to Mi Campus professional development community for dispute resolution practitioners and students.
  • Listing on the Mediation Institute directory of Mediators in the Family Group Conference Facilitator category (if you would like)
  • Free access to webinars, special working groups and networking with other dispute resolution professionals as well as FGC Facilitator only events.


Click here to download the Application Form

Corporate Membership Description

If you are an employer of Family Group Conference Facilitators consider applying for a corporate membership. Corporate Membership allows you to pay for membership for 24 months for your staff members who are eligible.

  • Should a staff member leave your organisation you can inform us of the replacement and add them to your membership at no extra cost till the next renewal. They will retain their membership and be asked to renew privately at the renewal date.
  • Should you employ additional staff members at some point during the membership period you can add them on a pro rata basis of $10 a month or less depending on your corporate discount.
  • Corporate Discount of 10% for 4 to 6 members, 20% for 7 or more members.

Please download and complete the application form for Corporate Membership.


Click here to download the Application Form

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