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Practitioner Membership


2-year Practitioner Membership is for NMAS Accredited Mediators who are not accredited through Mediation Institute.


Practitioner Membership is for NMAS Accredited Mediators who are not accredited through Mediation Institute.

See Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Membership or Family Group Conference Facilitator Membership if you are eligible for either of them.

Eligibility criteria apply

To be a Mediator Member of Mediation Institute, you must be:

If you are an advocate for Mediation but do not have any accreditation or qualifications, you can join Mediation Institute as an Associate Member. We do not accept practitioner membership applications from people calling themselves Mediators who are not, as a minimum, NMAS Accredited.

Member Benefits

  • Professional Development: Free and member rates Professional Development opportunities.
  • Professional Community: Networking opportunities with other dispute resolution professionals
  • Professional Profile: Opportunities to develop and share a professional profile as a dispute resolution professional and be listed on the Mediation Institute Members Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m accredited with someone else but would like Mediation Institute to become my RMAB. Is that possible?

Yes. You can transfer to Mediation Institute. We will do a pro-rata rate for this membership to bring it into sync with your NMAS Mediator Accreditation Renewal date. When your renewal comes due, you can apply for renewal through Mediation Institute. Select “Pay by Invoice” rather than pay by credit card so we can calculate the reduced amount you will have to pay.

I am already NMAS Accredited with another RMAB and need to or want to stay accredited with them. Can I join just to access Mediation Institute Membership benefits?

Yes, you can. If you have another dispute resolution qualification, you can join as that type of membership or as a NMAS Mediator not accredited with Mediation Institute.

Membership Plans that are available are:

I provide mediation services sometimes, but I am not accredited. Can I still join?

You can join Mediation Institute as an associate member if you are not a trained, certified or accredited mediator. Associate Membership. M

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