NMAS Mediator Accreditation Assessment


NMAS Mediator Accreditation Assessment – See our NMAS Mediator Training and Assessment service for both training and assessment.


Register for a NMAS Mediator Accreditation Assessment with Mediation Institute. You can apply to be assessed for accreditation by Mediation Institute even if you completed your training with another mediation trainer in Australia or anywhere else in the world.

You can also apply for assessment for accreditation if you are experience qualified however we recommend that you complete our refresher course in  faciliative mediation first to ensure that you are able to meet NMAS requirements.

Mediation Institute requirements:

  • The 90 minute role play may be pre-recorded, undertaken live on a video mediation platform or held in Brisbane or Melbourne by prior arrangement.

NMAS Standard 2.4

The assessment requires:

(a) an applicant, at a minimum, performing the role of a mediator in a simulated mediation of at least 1.5 hours;
(b) an assessor observing a simulation (in real time or digitally or video recorded for later observation) without providing any coaching to the applicant during the
simulated mediation;
(c) an assessor who is a NMAS accredited mediator with at least 3 years mediation experience and with no conflict of interest with respect to the applicant and who
is independent of the training team;
(d) assessment criteria reflecting the knowledge, skills and ethical principles articulated in the Practice Standards;
(e) an applicant being found competent by an assessor using an assessment form documenting the extent to which the applicant has met
or has not met the assessment requirements; providing written feedback on the applicant’s performance and indicating the assessment outcome;
(f) in so far as circumstances allow, a copy of the assessment form being supplied to the applicant a reasonable time prior to the conduct of the assessment.

Pre-requisites for NMAS Accreditation Assessment

To be eligible to be assessed for NMAS Accreditation you must be able to provide evidence that you have completed a training course equivalent to the description provided in the NMAS or that you have sufficient recent experience as a mediator (at least 100 hours of mediation within the two years prior to application) or potentially a lower number of mediations.

Other Requirements

To apply for NMAS Accreditation after this course you must meet good character requirements. If you have any professional disqualifications, criminal convictions or other issues in your past that may affect your status as a fit and proper person please call for a confidential discussion about how that may affect your ability to apply for NMAS Accreditation.

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