New FDR Practitioner Membership


Mediation Institute Membership for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who are applying for their first accreditation who do not want NMAS Mediator accreditation through Mediation Institute.


This member class is for people who are applying for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner accreditation for the first time and need a Complaint Handling Body.

Please see our New NMAS Mediator Accreditation Membership if you also want to apply for NMAS Mediator Accreditation at the same time

This practitioner membership type is for people who are not NMAS Accredited through Mediation Institute.

Eligibility criteria apply.

To be eligible for this membership type you must have completed the following new member requirements:

  • evidence that you have completed training in Family Dispute Resolution

Member Benefits Include

  • Complaint Handling: Membership includes access to our external complaints service that can address complaints made against you in the role of FDR Practitioner. You are not required to use our complaint handling service if you are covered by your employer or another association.
  • Professional Development: Free and member rates Professional Development opportunities.
  • Professional Community: Networking opportunities with other dispute resolution professionals
  • Professional Profile: Opportunities to develop and share a professional profile as a dispute resolution professional and be listed on the Mediation Institute Members Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I am not accredited yet?

Yes. Membership of a professional association who can provide you with an independent complaint handling service is a requirement for you to be able to accredit as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

The process is:

  1. Join Mediation Institute and provide your Certificate of Membership along with your other documentation to the Attorney Generals Department
  2. When you are provided with your Registration Number by the Attorney Generals Department let Mediation Institute know so that we can update your membership.

Can I join if I am interested but not accredited or eligible for accreditation.

Mediation Institute has an associate membership category for people who are interested in appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) but are not a practitioner. Associate Membership

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