Neville Starick
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One of the things Neville shares is a strategy he uses to overcome resistance by people to engage with counselling, especially proactively to help them to deal with change,
dis-ease or distress.

He uses an acronym of ICE in reverse ECI -Empathy, Connection and then Invitation. 

Neville Starick

More about Neville Starick

Neville is the owner of Cynosure Counselling and Coaching.

He works with clients especially helping people who are struggling to adapt and be resilient to change, whether it is change that is forced on them or even change they have chosen but it doesn’t turn out quite as expected. 

You have to start with empathy. Some people try to go straight to solution mode but solution is the end of the line, not the beginning.

Would you like a conversation with Neville? Send him an email to get started.

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