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Fiona Kirkman
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I.Q, E.Q and Legal Tech is what is needed for the next generation of dispute resolution professionals

Fiona Kirkman

Webinar - 25th March 2019

Join our special guest presenter Fiona Kirkman on a webinar to find out more about Legal Tech. Fiona will explain and provide a demo of FamilyProperty so you can see how technology can help to improve the Property FDR process. Free 1 hour webinar.

More about Fiona Kirkman

In this episode Joanne chats with Fiona Kirkman. Fiona and Joanne did their Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution together and have remained in contact since.

Fiona has transformed her Sydney Family Law practice to focus exclusively on working as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Collaborative Family Law Coach.

They also talk about Legal Tech which is what both believe is the way of the future. 

Repetition gives rise to opportunities for automation

The FamilyProperty App has just launched and Fiona has made a special offer to Mediation Institute Members and Mediator Musings Podcast listeners.  Make sure you email Fiona to find out more if you are interested in improved professionalism in your Family Dispute Resolution Property Mediations.

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