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Member Benefit Ycids

YCIDS Group Buying Opportunity

One of our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Members, Janis Bull has identified a group buying opportunity for Mediation Institute members.

The opportunity is to buy in bulk access to the YCIDS program. YCIDS (pronounced “why-kids”) stands for Young Children in Divorce and Separation. YCIDS is an educational program for separated parents who have a baby or very young child, and intend to co-parent. It was developed by Jennifer McIntosh and her team at Children beyond Dispute. Children Beyond Dispute | Child Inclusive Practice | Prof Jennifer McIntosh

The opportunity

Participate with other interested Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in purchasing a 250 course license.

That reduces the per person access fee down from $55 per parent accessing the course to less than $5 each!

We would like to ask for expressions of interest to join together to buy the best value package of 250 licences. 

If we have 10 FDRP’s interested it would only cost you $110 each to access 25 coupons compared to the $1,375 your clients would otherwise pay to access the course. The prices below are excluding GST which is added at the checkout. 

Why purchase discounted licenses?


Parents of young children who are separating are often experiencing financial distress and so this may be the best way to get this important developmental information available for them.

If we have more people interested we can make this an ongoing member benefit through Mediation Institute.

Janis has found this course an invaluable addition to mediation preparation with the aim to educate and inform parents on evidence-based knowledge on early development and co-parenting with a young child and/or babies.

How to Express your Interest

Fill out the form below to apply to be part of the buying group of 25 YCIDS licences for $110 including GST. 

Once we have sufficient expressions of interest we will purchase the 250 license package and then invoice those of you who are interested in a package of 25 or more licenses to use with your clients who have young children and are going through separation and divorce. 

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