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What are Mi Training Dollars?

Mi Training Dollars are a way to spread out training payments across financial years.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Many of our corporate clients struggle with their training budget with arbitrary cut offs at the end of financial years.

When you know that you will have someone ready to train in a couple of months or are recruiting for someone but need to spend the funds now it can be complicated.

Mi Training Dollars mean you can pre-purchase training at current fees and redeem the training by enrolling a student in the course or courses of choice.

Don’t worry! We won’t forget.  We will keep a register of all training dollar purchases, the contact person for your organization (with a back up ideally) and give you a periodic nudge to see if you have your student or students ready to study.

Yes all Member and other discounts still apply if you are using training dollars. You won’t pay more than the current prices at the time of purchase but if we have a special promotion you can pay less.

They do! You can’t use training dollars to get around the requirement that students are eligible to enroll in courses that have pre-requisite requirements.

No. Our generous completion timelines still apply. We want all of our students to complete their studies successfully so won’t be shortchanging you.

Mediation Institute was established in 2013 and has been steadily growing in a sustainable way.

We were fully equipped to quickly pivot when COVID hit and have not needed any government assistance to continue our operations, despite being based in Melbourne!

We are confident we will still be here in 2022 and beyond.

Training dollars are not redeemable for cash. This is to prevent any risk of money laundering or other misuse of the process.

They can only be redeemed for training with Mediation Institute so consider carefully before purchasing.

It’s up to you depending on your needs.  For example.

  • You can buy the full amount of a course if you know what course you will need to enroll someone in.
  • You can buy a set dollar amount if you provide a partial subsidy for a staff member in your training budget e.g. $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000.

Payment for training dollars

Request an invoice for the number of training dollars you would like to purchase providing us with the following information:

  • Contact Person and your contact details
  • Company or organization (if relevant) 
  • $ amount of training dollars

We’ll send you an invoice and once the invoice is paid add you to the training dollars register ready to have the training dollars redeemed once you have a student or students ready to enroll.