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Working As A Mediator

Working as a Mediator

Working as a Mediator

A common question that prospective mediators often ask is, “Where can I find work as a mediator?” The answer to that question varies based on a few factors.

Many mediators choose to work as independent contractors, offering their mediation services directly to businesses or individual clients. On the other hand, some mediate in employee roles. For instance, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are often employed by organisations similar to Relationships Australia or other entities that oversee the network of Family Relationship Centres across Australia.

NMAS Mediators, accredited under the National Mediation Accreditation System, can find employment with large organisations and government-funded bodies, such as schools, hospitals, and institutions where conflicts frequently arise. Additionally, they may work in courts, tribunals, ombudsman offices, or similar entities, either as mediators or in triage roles.

It’s worth noting that mediation skills are not limited to the role of a mediator alone. Many customer-facing positions, complaint-handling roles, and similar jobs often require mediation or general dispute-resolution skills as part of the job description. These roles can serve as valuable stepping stones for individuals transitioning into dispute resolution as a new career path.

National Mediator Training

Online delivery course to meet the requirements to become a National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) Accredited Mediator.

Course fees include all training and Assessment for NMAS Accreditation, plus the option of re-assessment at no additional cost if needed.

CHC81115 Family Dispute Resolution Training

Online delivery course offered through a training partnership with Inspiritive RTO CODE 21178
You can choose to do the full Graduate Diploma the course or the 6 core units only to receive a Statement of Attainment. Pre-requisites for enrolment apply to this course.

Family Group Conferencing Facilitator Training

Online delivery Training with 3 half day workshop in Family Group Conferencing.

Ideal for people working with families in Child Protection, Family Conflict, Disability or Aged Care or other contexts where there is a need for family led decision making.

Transformative Relationship Mediation Training

This course is upskilling for mediators. In order to enrol, you must be an NMAS Accredited Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Ideal for people who want to support agency and empathy building for clients helping them to re-negotiate their relationship rules and strengthen their relationships.

CM-1 Conflict Management for One

This course is upskilling for mediators. In order to enrol, you must be an NMAS Accredited Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Ideal for people who want to support clients who are unable to participate in mediation due to not being ready or refusal by the other party.

Property FDR Certificate Course

This course is upskilling for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. In order to enrol you must be a FDR Practitioner. Ideal for people who want to enhance their skills in facilitating property FDR.

Why Mi Courses?

Flexible Accessible Training for Busy People.

Mediation Institute has been offering award winning online learning since 2013.


We don’t train online because of a virus. We do it because we believe it is better. Workshops are OK for learning theory but skills need to be developed and integrated over time. Our delivery approach allows that.

Our mission is to reduced violence and abuse in Australia by training and supporting dispute resolution professionals. 

Your success as a mediator is the realisation of our mission !  

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