Property FDR Certificate Course


Property Family Dispute Resolution Certificate Training – a course in property mediation for family dispute resolution practitioners.

Mediation Institute members receive a $255 discount of the course fee bringing it down to $1,495


This course teaches the skills required to confidently facilitate property family dispute resolution.

Who is the course for?

This course is for accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who want to refresh and strengthen their skills and knowledge in facilitating Property Family Dispute Resolution.

If you are not yet an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner please see our CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution course.

This course also includes the Property FDR Support Package (valued at $800) at no extra cost. Details

Course Overview

The course learning objectives are:

  1. Property Mediation context for risk assessment and determining if property mediation is appropriate
  2. How to help clients to prepare for Property Mediation
  3. How to help clients to get legal advice in preparation for Property Mediation
  4. How to help clients to determine and agree on their asset pool
  5. How the Family Court judges decide property settlements (a peek into the maze)
  6. How to help clients to discuss considerations
  7. How to help clients to negotiate financial arrangements
  8. How to help clients to negotiate a property settlement agreement
  9. How to use a spreadsheet and/or whiteboard to visualize the asset pool and negotiation
  10. How to document a property settlement agreement
  11. How clients can make their agreement legally enforceable with examples of Consent Orders

The course is very practical and focused on helping you to strengthen your knowledge and build your skills and confidence when working with clients who need property settlements.

Delivery Method

  • Online learning for the theory
  • Live mentored video role plays for pre-mediation preparation
  • Live mentored video role play for property mediation

Course Duration

The course is approximately a 40 hour course including the self-paced online learning and a minimum of 8 role plays as either a role player or mediator facilitating simulated property mediation intakes and negotiations.

Course Start

This course will commence on the 4th February with a Property Mediation Webinar Tutorial (recorded for those who can not attend live) and thereafter will be self-paced with ongoing enrollments.

Member Discount

Mediation Institute members receive a $255 discount of the course fee bringing it down to $1,495

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