What is RPL?

Mediation Institute RPL process graphicRecognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) assessment process  for people who have already developed some or all of the required knowledge and skills needed to be issued a qualification.

It is an assessment only process and unlike a training and assessment process where the assessment evidence is pre-set by the course designer in an RPL process there is a wider range of evidence that can be used to determine if you are competent or not.

It is critical that you have a clear understanding of the RPL Assessment process you are about to undertake. Be sure to review our RPL Information Kit before commencing and keep it handy for a reference as you gather your evidence for submission. It provides comprehensive details on everything that you need to know about completing the RPL Assessment.

Our streamlined and flexible process

The Mediation Institute RPL Kit has been streamlined to provide comprehensive yet highly flexible methods to gather and submit evidence to support your RPL Application.

Step One: Contact us to indicate your interest in RPL

You are the best expert on what you’ve done and what you know so the first step in the RPL process is a self-assessment.  This allows you to self-evaluate to decide if you are likely to be successful in applying for RPL.


Step Two: Pre-enrollment discussion

You can email the self-assessment back to us or if you are unsure about anything in the document call our Director of Studies on 1300 781 533 to have a conversation.

Once we have seen your self-assessment we’ll have a conversation about the type of evidence you may be able to provide. RPL is a structured process of assessment of competence and requires evidence.

In the case of the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (CHC80308) it is unlikely that you will have evidence for all the core units unless you have been working as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner but if you’ve been working in a human services type role may have eligibility for some elective units.

Likewise for the Certificate IV in Mediation it is unlikely you will have RPL evidence for the full qualification unless you have been working as a mediator but you may be eligible for some of the 15 units in the qualification.

Step Three: Enrol in the course

After we decide together which units you have the experience and evidence to confirm that experience to be granted RPL we can calculate the course fee.

You’ll be given an enrolment form with the reduced fee amount and invoice.  The amount will depend on whether you will need gap training or not and also if you have already been issued with any relevant units of competence.

Please download the Self-Assessment form above for the course you are interested in for the RPL fees that apply.

If you have a Statement of Attainment for a unit you would be eligible for Recognition of Current Competence and you would get automatic credits for that unit at no cost.

Step Four: Provide Evidence

Once you are enrolled you can start any units that you are going to study and provide RPL evidence for any units that you are applying for RPL for.

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