NMAS Mediator Refresher Course


Mi NMAS Refresher Course and Assessment for NMAS Accreditation or Re-Accreditation includes a minimum of 25 hours of eLearning, coached practice role-play and assessment against the NMAS Standards.

The Mi RMAB NMAS Mediator Gap Training and Assessment Course is for:

  • NMAS Accredited mediators who have not completed the required 25 hours of mediation or conciliation facilitation and have also not participated in at least 25 hours of Mediation CPD in the past two years
  • People who have completed NMAS Accreditation training but have not become NMAS Accredited due to failing the final assessment or not sitting their final assessment
  • People who qualify for experience qualified or CALD pathways and would like to have a practice role play before sitting for an assessment role play
  • If none of these describe your situation please get in touch before purchasing this product.

Mi NMAS Mediator Gap Training and Assessment Course Overview

You will be enrolled in an abridged form of the Mi NMAS Accreditation Course with the opportunity to review the course material and to complete the following activities:

  • NMAS Quiz to ensure that you know your obligations as a NMAS Accredited Mediator
  • Conflict vrs Abusive Control Discussion
  • Pre-Mediation Quiz
  • Mediation Process Quiz
  • Ethical Practice Discussion
  • Marketing and Selling Mediation Services Q&A

You will have the opportunity to participate in two or more role-plays as a role player prior to an NMAS Re-accreditation Assessment

  • Role Play 1 – Role Player – Mediation Role Play
  • Role Play 2 – Role Player – Mediation Role Play
  • Role Play as the Mediator – Fully Coached Role Play as a Mediator
  • 1 to 1 Mentoring Session – We recommend you book in for this one hour mentoring session after your practice role play
  • Assessment Role Play – NMAS Assessment Role Play


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