The Mediation Institute Code of Ethics is a written set of guidelines for Mediation Institute Members to provide guidance as to personal and professional conduct which is appropriate for a Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

For some members being an accredited mediator or accredited family dispute resolution practitioner may be the first time that you have acted in a professional role where your continuation as an accredited practitioner is dependent on your conduct.

You can become unaccredited if a substantiated complaint is made about your conduct, you commit certain types of crimes or behave in a way that is inappropriate, even if that behaviour is not during the conduct of mediation or family dispute resolution.

What to include in our Code of Ethics?

Our Code of Ethics currently runs to five pages and will continue to evolve as members continue to find ways to behave in questionable ways or (hopefully) proactively approach us for guidance with regards to their ethical dilemmas.

We take the question of ethics very seriously as ensuring that our members behave ethically at all times is part of the Mediation Institute’s mission to lift the standard of Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution.

Ethics are often defined as “moral principals that govern a person’s behaviour or the conduct of an activity” and “moral” is concerning the principals of right and wrong behaviour.

The reason that a Code of Ethics is required is that everyone’s moral compass is somewhat different due to our upbringing, beliefs and personal values.

When it comes to your conduct as a Mediator or FDR Practitioner these rules about what is right or wrong have been documented in the NMAS Standards by the Mediators Standards Board and for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) Regulations 2008

Our Code of Ethics is based on this voluntary standard (NMAS) as we are obliged to do as a RMAB and also includes guidance from the Regulations for FDR Practitioners.

If you are a member or considering becoming a member of the Mediation Institute RMAB please make sure that you read and understand the Code of Ethics.

Structure of the Mediation Institute Code of Ethics

The Mediation Institute Code of Ethics is structured into four sections:

  1. Professional Conduct which explains the behaviour that is expected in general and in preparing for mediation
  2. Conduct when Mediating which explains the behaviour that is expected during the facilitation of mediation
  3. Professional Development which explains the obligations that a mediator and/or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner has with regards to Professional Development
  4. Further Information which links to the NMAS and Regulations and the Mediation Institute Complaints Management Service information

You can find more about how we handle complaints about mediator and download the latest copy of the Mediation Institute Code of Ethics from this page.

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