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Fdrps Register Day 1

New FDR Practitioners Register 2022

The Attorney Generals Practitioner Registration team have been hard at work in the early part of 2022 developing a new Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners Register. 

The new register should make registering and updating our information easier and also make finding FDRPs easier for clients. It looks like they have done a great job of listening to what’s needed.

Launch Day

The new register was launched on the 30th June 2022 but is not yet populated.

They are taking a sequenced approach with those practitioners who are on the previous public register being migrated across first and this will be done in manageable batches rather than all of us at the same time.

There is a requirement for all FDRP’s that we have to move to the new register within a reasonable amount of time. The deadline for how long you have to respond will be set in the invitation you will receive.

You will receive a new Registration Number as part of the process once they have finished the onboarding process for the new register.  The old format R100xxxx  numbers will be replaced with a new F200xxxx  number. 

What about s60i Certificates?

Section 60i Certificates issued with your old R number will remain valid for their lifespan (12 months). 

You must use your new F200xxxx number once it is issued as your old number will then be cancelled. 

Make sure you update your s60i Certificate Template if you have prefilled it with your R Number. 

What do I have to do?

Follow the instructions on the email you receive from the Practitioner Registration Unit.

You’ll have to upload your current membership certificate as proof of your complaint handling body and your Insurance Certificate of Currency.

If you have any questions about the new process AFTER you receive your individual email contact the Practitioners Registration Unit.

You may like to have a look at the fact sheets that have been updated as well. 

They have updated four fact sheets that relate to accreditation and ongoing obligations to remain accredited.

These can be found on our ‘Becoming an FDR practitioner’ and ‘Information for FDR practitioners’ webpages.

What shouldn’t I do?

  1. Don’t hassle the Practitioner Registration Unit. They have a controlled process and you don’t have to do anything until your turn to move to the new system is triggered by your email from them. 
  2. Don’t try and guess what they need. Patience. Wait till your turn and follow the instructions from the AG’s department.
  3. Don’t bombard the AG’s department with check-ins. If the AG’s department has people who have not responded within a reasonable time they will contact the complaint handling body on record for them and check that you are still a member.  You can still comply with your obligations regarding the information about changes that you must provide to the AG’s department but don’t bother them with just checking in enquiries if you can help it.


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