Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna is a NMAS Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Family Lawyer and Barrister. He is an innovative and passionate supporter of appropriate dispute resolution and making use of technology to improve human outcomes.

Mental Health and Wellbeing In the Legal Industry

Do you confuse Mental Health with Mental Illness? Too many people generally and too many people working in the broader legal industry confuse Mental Health and Mental Illness and consequently shy away from discussing either.  Mental Illness is a convenient excuse for anything out of our ordinary that we don’t want to address.    Yet if …

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What’s Online Learning?

What’s online learning? Online learning is a method of delivering educational material via the internet instead of in a physical classroom. There are many different applications for online learning. The simplest form of online learning involves providing a website with downloadable content and assessment booklets that are completed then emailed or even posted back to …

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