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This is the first post in our technology blog which is an attempt to distill some of the ideas we have in development, some of the projects we have that may or may not be adopted, experimented with and otherwise used to challenge the status quo.

These pages are about how we have done things.  They may not be the best way, but generally they are our best way that we can afford to give the best result possible for our students and trainers.  I rely on the support and advice of Joanne, Ken and our other trainers but generally I’m running our tech operations so I’ll have to be responsible for our tech success and failures. 

Remember that by training I’m a lawyer not an IT professional.  One of the great benefits of being a lawyer is that you know everything or know where you can look up an elusive answer.  This is far more empowering than the wise technology professionals who know what they know and humbly know what their limitations are.  Having a lawyer running IT has great potential for large technology advances and major costly stuff ups.  You are welcome to come along for the ride.

People have asked me how we do all this stuff and still keep our prices down amongst the lowest of those in our market.  We will try and share our experiences in achieving value for money outcomes and where we wish to head into the future.  I will try and respond to any questions that these posts generate.


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