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Techy Tuesday

Do you lack confidence using technology?

Techy Tuesday for Mediators and other knowledge workers who want to advance your skills in using technology.

You can request help with specific software during registration for example if you want some help with excel spreadsheet formulas or saving word templates put that down in registration form. You will have the chance to practice any zoom meeting facilitation skills you need help with during the session.

Event description

Techy Tuesday is a technology-focused hands-on session for mediators and other dispute resolution professionals or knowledge workers who want to upskill with using technology to improve their service delivery.

The session is directed by the participants and also has tips and tricks for making the most of technology such as:

  • Zoom for meetings
  • Microsoft Office Suite tools such as Outlook, Excel and Word taking your skills from basic to intermediate
  • Google Drive and other online tools
  • Canva
  • WordPress
  • Calendly and other online booking software
  • It also provides the opportunity for Mediation Institute Students participating in our Video Meeting Facilitation Course

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