Survey for Lawyers or Mediators

Matthew Shepherd from Shepherds Family Law and Mediation Specialists is conducting a survey that we would like to invite you to participate in on his behalf. 

He is researching the use of position papers at mediation. Matthew is a lawyer, mediator, academic and AIFLAM member.

Matthew will present his research as part of his presentation at the 2019 National Mediation Conference in Canberra. .

 His research will assist:

  • Mediators to optimise their mediation process.
  • Lawyers and parties engaging in mediation.
  • Courts in referring parties and lawyers to mediation.

 If you are a mediator, could you please complete this survey.

 If you are a lawyer, could you please complete this survey .

 Each survey is confidential, and will take about five minutes to complete.


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Survey for Lawyers or Mediators

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