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Resource: How to speak with separating parents about their children’s wellbeing

Dr Nikola Balvin and Nicole Paterson have developed an 18 page resource to help professionals to speak with separating parents about their children’s wellbeing.

You can download the document from the Emerging Minds Website – https://emergingminds.com.au/resources/how-to-speak-with-separating-parents-about-their-childrens-wellbeing/ and we have put a copy in the Mi Members and Students files in the resources folder in case the link breaks.  https://mi.study247.online/courses/9/files/folder/Information%2C%20Reports%20and%20Studies

Key messages

  • Separation and divorce are often associated with high levels of stress in the family. The impact on children’s wellbeing depends on the level of conflict between parents, the consequences of a parent’s absence, and the quality of the child–parent relationship.
  • Separation can increase the risk of family violence. Experiencing family violence is often traumatic and long-lasting for children.
  • Practitioners who are not trained in family dispute resolution or counselling – including GPs, social workers, allied health professionals and teachers – often have contact with parents during separation. It is important that these practitioners ask about parents’ and children’s wellbeing and make referrals to specialised services as necessary.
  • Questions about children’s wellbeing need to come from a place of inquiry, practising compassion and non-judgement.
  • In cases of family violence, practitioners may need to make extra effort to support struggling families by arranging appointments, making calls, and providing application forms and other information. Referrals to ongoing, long-term support and regular follow-ups with the family can support children’s wellbeing.

Do you think this resource would be helpful for your referrers or other professionals that you network with as a FDR Practitioner or Family Group Conference Facilitator?

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