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Transformative Relationship Mediation Course


Transformative Relationship Mediation Training is a professional development course for NMAS Accredited Mediators or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.  15% Members Discount – ask for an invoice.


This course teaches the skills required to confidently facilitate transformative relationship mediation.

Who is the course for?

This course is for NMAS accredited mediators and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who want to refresh and strengthen their skills and knowledge in facilitating Property Family Dispute Resolution.

If you are not yet a professional mediator we recommend you undertake either the NMAS or FDR course first as this is an advanced level course building on basic mediation skills.

Transformative Relationship Mediation Course Overview

The course modules are:

  1. Introduction to Transformative Relationship Mediation
  2. Recognition Encouragement
  3. Pre-Mediation Intake, Risk Assessment and Prep. Coaching
  4. Transformative Relationship Mediation Services
  5. Advanced Negotiation Skills
  6. Relationship Dynamics
  7. Drilling Down on Relationship Dynamics
  8. Managing Sources of Relationship Conflict
  9. Role Plays for Practical Experience and Assessment

The course is very practical and focused on helping you to strengthen your knowledge and build your skills and confidence when working with clients who want to retain and improve their relationships and need to re-negotiate their relationship rules.

Delivery Method

  • Online learning for the theory
  • Live mentored video role plays for practice
  • Live mentored video role play assessment for certification

Course Duration

The course is approximately a 40 hour course including the self-paced online learning and live video mediation role plays as either a role player or mediator facilitating simulated transformative relationship mediation sessions.

Member Discount

15% Member Discount

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