Paul Rajkowski
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There is a just a process and a structure for mediation. The people have the freedom within that structure to be as creative and dynamic thinking as possible.

Paul Rajkowski

More about Paul Rajkowski

In this episode Joanne chats with mediator and mediation trainer Paul Rajkowskil from the US. Paul is retired now but still very interested in the industry and has a long term view of the original intention of mediation to promote empowerment and self-determination of the clients of the mediator.

Paul’s experience as a trainer comes through in his clear explanations of what he is explaining for example the example of a reframe around 20 minutes into the chat.


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During a personal court process, Paul learned about mediation. Intrigued, he took several courses in mediation, becoming a Rule 31 Tennessee listed mediator and mediation trainer. After ten years of training and mediating, also judging mediation competitions at university, Paul retired so that he and his wife can travel. Mediations still on his mind, though, and he is on a mission to keep alive the original concept of mediation as he understands it. In that quest, he has written several articles and intends to keep writing.

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