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We train and support dispute resolution professions

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Why Mediation Institute?

We train fully online to a high quality standard.  

We support our members to achieve their dispute resolution professional goals.

We support new entrants to the industry through Interact Support Inc.

Our mission is to train dispute resolution professionals who can provide dispute resolution services, early and as often as needed, to help people learn to self-manage disputes without them escalating into abuse and violence.

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Our Training Services

Enabling greater connection through technology

We believe that skills need to be learned over time  and with mentored practice.

Our dispute resolution skills training is accessible regardless of where you live, as long as you have access to the internet. 

We offer our courses via online learning and use video mediation for tutorials and role plays for skills development.  

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Other Membership Options:

Corporate membership are available for organisations who employ dispute resolution professionals.


Gem Emmerson

Gem Emmerson says…

After undertaking extensive online research on mediation education providers, I chose to work with the Mediation Institute to assist me in making a diversion in my career path.

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