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Maximizing Mediation: Experienced Mediator’s Favourite Techniques

This post will continue to grow to become a long resource of resources to assist mediators to maximise their skills.

Mediator Musings Podcast Nmas Professional Development

Mediator Musings is a podcast being created by Mediation Institute for mediators by mediators and other relevant professionals.

It is available on https://www.spreaker.com/show/3275854 a new episode will be released each Thursday.

So make sure to follow the show to get the latest episode.

Contact us if you would like to nominate a guest for the podcast.

This is an example of the recordings of conference presentations and other content available from the Mediate.com University in the US. 

While context is different and you need to remain mindful of the Australian context, legislation if it applies to your work and other factors there is some great content.


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