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Email Request

Please return this form to request an email be created for you.

Mediation Institute Email Address

This is for all members as well as students on the following courses:

  • CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution
  • Property FDR Course
  • FDR Refresher Course

We may introduce software that we’ll require you to log in with your Mi email address for other courses in due time.

Interact Support Email Address

This is for all practitioners who are on the Interact Support practitioner panel providing in-house work for Interact Support. It is not required if we are only providing referrals.

You will require your Interact Support email address to access the following software:

  • CRM for client information
  • MODRON for case management and client communication
  • FamilyProperty for Property FDR (if you are qualified)
  • Office 365 for document and other resources
  • FDR Refresher Course for updates and alignment

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