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Australian Mediator and Dispute Resolution Accreditation Standards AMDRAS Information and Updates

The Australian Mediator and Dispute Resolution Accreditation Standards (AMDRAS) were officially published on May 1, 2024, and will begin to be implemented on July 1, 2024, with a generous 12-month transition period.

AMDRAS will fully come into effect on the 1st July 2025 although for some people still in the NMAS training, assessment or accreditation pathway that date will extend further in accordance with the time allowances under NMAS. 

During this transition period, both training and assessing against the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and the new AMDRAS will be possible. 

New Name for the Board

The Mediator Standards Board (MSB) held a Special General Meeting to seek endorsement for changes to its constitution and an amendment to its name. The motions passed, and the MSB will become the AMDRAS Board.  

From the 1.7.2024 there will be a transition from the www.msb.org.au website to the www.amdras.au website over the next 12 months with redirects in place to ensure you can find the information you are looking for. 

The AMDRAS and Guides

Please check the comprehensive guidelines documents below for clarity and guidance on AMDRAS’s implications for various groups of stakeholders. These documents aim to address common questions and concerns and provide practical insights into effectively navigating the transition process.

Stay tuned as we make available links to the released documents and Guidelines on our website. We encourage all stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the information provided and reach out if you have any further questions or require assistance.

We’re excited about this new chapter in the mediation and dispute resolution landscape and look forward to working together to uphold industry standards of excellence and professionalism.

Published 1.5.2024

AMDRAS and Guidelines

Ongoing Engagement and Continuous Improvement 

There will be a series of forums and an ongoing opportunity to contact the board and request additional information. 

Updates for public events will be provided by email and on the MSB calendar MSB Event Calendar – RMAB training events

Frequently Asked Questions

The standards that govern Nationally Accredited Mediators are evolving and changing from NMAS to AMDRAS. AMDRAS seeks to uphold the basic standards, strengthen them in places and provide the opportunity to for recognition of the level of experience and leadership provided by members of the dispute resolution community.

It will also, over time, allow for the recognition of practitioners of different forms of dispute resolution other than mediation. 

Review the guidelines that apply to you above for more information. 

If you are a NMAS Accredited Mediator, at the moment nothing

You will automatically become a AMDRAS recognised practitioner on the 1st July 2024.  If your accreditation renewal is coming up during the transition period at first you will be renewing under the NMAS rules. When the Recognised Accreditation Providers (RAP) formerly known as Recognised Mediator Accreditation Bodies (RMAB) are ready and their new processes approved they will start transitioning to accrediting and re-accrediting under AMDRAS.

That transition period will end on the 30th June 2025. If your renewal is after that you’ll be renewing under AMDRAS. 

If you are currently enrolled in NMAS training continue on.  

You are able to complete your training and have the full time periods allowed in the NMAS to complete your assessment and accreditation processes. 

Time to complete your training – we’d prefer 6 months but you have up to 24 months.

Time to complete your assessment – we’d prefer as soon as you are eligible but up to 6 months.  

Time to apply for NMAS Accreditation which will actually be regarded as AMDRAS accreditation – 6 months from completing your assessment. 

If you are considering enrolling in training to become a Nationally Accredited Mediator please look at the comparison table.   

We will be applying to continue providing training, assessment and accreditation under AMDRAS as a Recognised Training Provider (RTP).  There will be a period of time after the 1.7.2024 before we can have our new AMDRAS course recognised by the Mediator Standards Board.  At this point we cannot tell you when we will be permitted to begin enrolling in the AMDRAS course. 

If you don’t want to wait till then enrol now into our NMAS Course.

Our course is delivered via online learning and includes the theory as well as practical aspects of mediation.

You will not be disadvantaged and will have the full time period allowances to complete your studies, your assessment and accreditation in accordance with the NMAS standards. 

It will be possible for us to run both NMAS and AMDRAS courses concurrently during the transition period but we are unlikely to do so. 

Once we are eligible we will switch to AMDRAS training which may be at a higher price.

No new NMAS enrolments will be possible after the 30.6.2025

According to the June 2024 newsletter from the board 

The Review was undertaken to ensure:

•    users of mediation services could rely on the quality and consistency of services provided by accredited mediators, 
•    that mediation continues its emergence and development as a profession, and 
•    that the excellence and specialist skill of individual mediators can be appropriately recognised as this profession and its framework evolves.

The Board of Directors is confident that AMDRAS will fulfill these core objectives while strengthening our community’s commitment to professionalism and quality standards.

Webinar - Nmas To Amdras
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