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Webinar Recording – Transitioning from NMAS to AMDRAS

Transition to Australian Mediator and Dispute Resolution Accreditation Standards (AMDRAS)

Watch this webinar recording with Joanne Law, Director of Mediation Institute and Director of Mediator Standards Board, as she delves into the evolution from the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) to the newly introduced Australian Mediator and Dispute Resolution Accreditation Standards (AMDRAS).
This video covers the history of mediation accreditation in Australia, the comprehensive review processes, and the implementation plan for AMDRAS.
Joanne also touches on the specific changes in training, assessment, and renewal requirements, including professional development, practice hour changes, and the introduction of new accreditation levels.

Don’t miss out on this detailed walkthrough of the new standards and how they will shape the future of mediation in Australia.

00:00 Introduction and Acknowledgements
01:10 Historical Context of Accreditation Standards
02:31 Development and Review of AMDRAS
04:10 Transition Plan and Guidelines
07:54 Renewal and CPD Requirements
10:06 Changes in Training and Accreditation Framework
18:42 Professional Development and Ethics
22:18 Advanced and Leading Mediator Levels
25:38 Q&A and Conclusion

NMAS to AMDRAS Presentation

Click to download the presentation from the webinar.

NMAS to AMDRAS Presentation

The presentation was recorded on the 5.6.2024
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