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Spark Community for Professionals

Megan Hunter from the High Conflict Institute has established a community to help protect professionals resilience when working with challenging and high conflict clients.

This community has sprung to life as I pondered conversations with a few good friends and colleagues recently. They expressed absolute fatigue and burnout in their work, which was affecting their health, their mindset, their work, their relationships—and their personal life.

As I drove away from lunch after the one such conversation, I thought to myself: “I miss seeing the spark in his eyes.”

Megan Hunter

The work from home trend brought on by the pandemic has been hard. People working from home feel like the high conflict situations they work with—in every profession—have permeated their home life. Even being back in the office isn’t helping.

This group will become a global support network which you can drop into when you want to.

  • The group will be led by Megan and by Susie Rayner
  • It’s free for our High Conflict Institute newsletter subscribers
  • It has convenient times for both hemispheres
  • You are welcome to remain completely anonymous
  • They will not spam you with email
  • It’s not therapy or advice–just a focus on YOU and improving your well being, and maybe even looking at what that next chapter might hold for you
  • Whether you work with a lot of people with high conflict personalities or you’re simply burned out…. join in

Let’s get together and get that SPARK back in your eyes!

Contact Susie Rayner for an invitation to the next SPARK Community get together – Susie Rayner

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