Role Plays are a very essential part of learning new skills as a mediator and all mediation institute students are required to participate in role plays during your learning journey with us.

Organised Role Plays

We are moving to live assessment and feedback of all role plays if possible using the Zoom Video Mediation platform to make that possible for all students no matter where you live.

When are the role plays run?


Every Wednesday between – 12.30 to 2.30 Melbourne Time

We use the Eventbright event management tool to organise these role plays.

Tuesday Evening Opening Statements and Agenda

We’re trialing a special role play opportunity for those who are just starting out on tuesday evenings with an abridged role play.

There will be the opportunity for two students to role play as the mediator in a role play as the mediator facilitating the parties opening statements and forming the agenda.

First Opportunity – Tuesday 12th April between 7 and 8 pm.

Register –

Saturday Afternoon Role Play

The final opportunity scheduled at this moment is Saturday afternoon.

Register –

Role Play Scheduler

We are planning on phasing out the role play scheduler and move fully to live assessments to help resolve some of the problems students have had with scheduling role plays and handling media files.

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