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Course Fees and Education Finance


Course Fees

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Education Finance

We have developed a package of funding options.

    1. An up to 12-month payment plan. With this option, you can pay off your course over twelve months with a deposit and up to 11 monthly instalments.  Mediation Institute will be funding this payment plan option and you won’t get your certificate until all payments are made. This is mainly for people who are not eligible for finance but provide us with confidence that you will be able to meet the payment terms.
    2. Education Finance. For those who meet certain funding criteria established by our partner credit provider, you can choose a loan term of from 12 months up to 36 months. The loan requires regular payments.  For students who are approved by our credit provider, Mediation Institute will meet all finance charges making this consumer credit offering interest-free to the student.

Education Finance Requirements

If you are eligible for education finance we will be able to issue your Certificate of Assessment or Qualification when you finish even if you have instalments still to pay.   That means you can get out there working before you even finish paying for the course.

There are criteria you must meet for a Consumer Student Loan:

  • you need to be an Australian resident,
  • you must be employed and earning a regular income,
  • you must provide appropriate I.D. documents and
  • you will be required to provide access to the credit provider your bank statements via an online banking app. 

 If education finance is approved all payment arrangements will be managed by our credit provider providing a single point of contact for payment enquiries – terms and conditions apply.

NMAS Mediator Training & Assessment

Full Cost
$ 3,650
  • Payment in full
  • or
  • 12 monthly instalments of $335 (total cost $4,020)
  • or
  • 24 monthly instalments of $175 (total cost $4,200)
  • or
  • 36 monthly instalments of $120 (total cost $4,320)

Statement of Attainment
FDR Core Units

Full Cost
$ 8,375
  • 12 monthly instalments of $809.58
  • 24 monthly instalments of $404.80
  • 36 monthly instalments of $269.86

Grad Dip FDR

Full Cost
$ 11,345
  • 12 monthly instalments of $1,033.33
  • 24 monthly instalments of $516.66
  • 36 monthly instalments of $344.44

How to apply for Education Finance

If you would like to finance your studies contact the office to discuss on 1300 781 533 or email us Contacts

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Course Fees and Education Finance

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