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Mi Community Mediation Service

Mi Community Mediation Program

Mi Community Mediation Service is a collaboration between Mediation Institute and Interact Support Inc to provide a low cost, accessible dispute resolution service for community members in Australia.

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Lightning Phenomenon Near City And Ocean

Family Violence Research

Family Violence Research is helpful in providing data to supplement the experience of professionals working with families to help prevent family violence.

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  • Video Meeting Facilitator Course
  • Transformative Relationship Mediation Course
  • Chc81115 – Graduate Diploma Of Family Dispute Resolution
  • Fgc Workshop Participation
    Professional Development

    FGC Workshop Participation

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  • Coached Mediation Practice Session
  • Mentoring Session
  • Fdr Refresher

    FDR Refresher

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  • Education Provider
    Education Provider Membership

    New Education Provider Membership

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  • Core Units From Chc81115 – Graduate Diploma Of Family Dispute Resolution
  • Mi Member Coached Mediation Practice Session