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Social media can be a valuable tool for mediators.

The Mediation Institute has several daily posts, with International Mediation Awareness Week happening next week. As suggested, it is about building awareness of mediators and the advantages of being one. By utilising social media, you can create opportunities for yourself as a mediator to develop a stronger online presence.

Are you attending any of the events? You can check our social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter if you have yet to see them. Then go ahead and like, comment or share.

You may wonder what the difference is between liking, commenting, and sharing a post. The most significant difference between these three actions is that liking a post is the quickest way to express approval. However, it is important to note that a post with only likes may not be seen by many or shared by the algorithms on that social media platform.

If you can spare a few minutes a day, comment or share leads to a better outcome. If you can think of a colleague, friend or business, you want them to know more about the event. You can add names in the comments (@mention person/s) of who you want to view the post. Tagging them in a post, you are reading. Hopefully, they will comment, too, creating more awareness of the upcoming events and you as a mediator. Or send an encouraging word to our speakers and register to attend their webinar.

Increasing your visibility as a mediator by tagging people in the comments of a post is a great way to find new clients. Increasing the likelihood that potential clients will reach out to you. So go ahead, like, comment and share some MI posts and see where it leads…