Suyheang Kry

Suyheang Kry
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I really think mediation is very much needed as conflict is part of life and that dealing with conflict with nonviolence means is the only way to go to make this world a better place for everyone.

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In this episode, Joanne Law chats with Suyheang Kry. She is a mediator and conflict transformation practitioner based in Cambodia.

Suyheang is the executive director of Women Peace Makers which is a not-for-profit in Cambodia working on intersectional issues of gender and peace since 2003.

One of her life’s missions is to mainstream gender sensitivity and responsiveness in alternative dispute resolution both at the policy and implementation level.

Find out more about Women Peace Makers –

Suyheang is working on the transformation of the traditional mediation used in Cambodia for family issues by blending the best of the traditions and well-meaning implementation with some of the risk screening and suitability assessment and self-determination principles of modern mediation. 


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Mediator Musings with Suyheang Kry

by Joanne Law time to read: 1 min