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Andrew Fa'Avale
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Pacific people believe that we are relational beings

Andrew Fa'avale

More about Andrew Fa'avale

In this episode Joanne Law chats with Andrew Fa’avale. Andrew has been a mediator, barrister and solicitor and academic in New Zealand and Australia. 

He now is focused on programs that support in particular people of pacific island heritage helping to build understanding about culture through sharing concepts like “cultural humility” to replace “cultural competence” training.

He does a lot of work with young people and also with policy-makers to help build capacity to work towards a future that fits the values and identity of all Australians. 

Andrew is Chair and Co-Founder of MANA Pasifika, a non-profit organisation that seeks to support Pasifika peoples in Australia to thrive.
They have a research centre and offer cultural training, scholarships and grants, mentoring programs, education and training pathways, cultural programs, and consultancy services.
Use the links below Andrew’s picture to find out more about him and his work.
Below you can view a TEDxQUT talk that Andrew did in 2017