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Mediation Institute was established in 2013 to provide specialist training in Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution. Our training meets the highest standards established in Australia for these types of training.

Our goal in establishing Mediation Institute was to make mediation training more flexible, accessible and improve the quality of the training by ensuring that the training meets the needs of individuals and their eventual clients.

In order to achieve our goals of flexibility, accessibility, quality and innovation we make heavy use of technology.

Leveraging Technology

Some training providers believe that all training should be delivered face to face during workshops.  We don’t.

We believe that pre-learning theory, reflection, discussion and activities done BEFORE workshops vastly improves learning and helps to ensure that when it comes to skills development you are much better prepared.

You can’t learn mediation out of a book. You have to participate in role plays to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application. In the past mediation training has required students to travel to workshops for their training.

This was very difficult for a large segment of the potential learners. If you live in a rural area, don’t have the ability to request leave to attend a workshop or have carer responsibilities your dream of becoming a mediator may have remained just a dream.

Technology allows Mediation Institute to offer specialist mediation training via online learning making use of video technology for role plays and practical skills development.  We still think that workshops are worth it if you can attend even if it is just for the conversations in the tea and lunch breaks but participating in the online activities is of great value.

Winner of the eLearning Excellence Awards

We thought we had developed a pretty special course so in our first year of operation we entered the eLearning Excellence Awards in the vocational education category. We were hoping for some peer feedback and benchmarking so you can imagine our absolute delight when we won the category!

Mediation Institute Winner of the eLearning Excellence Award 2014

Interact Support

InteractInteract Support is a not-for-profit established by Mediation Institute directors to help people caught up in Family Law who were falling through the gaps in the current system. The services revolve around ensuring that people have the right information and support to make good decisions in regards to Family Law, protection from Family Violence and in building up their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Visit the Interact Support Website to find out more.




Mi RMAB LogoMediation Institute is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) empowered by with the Mediators Standards Board to assess for competence under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)

Mediation Institute RMAB shares our values of focus on the individuals, leveraging technology and ensuring that we provide services that innovate rather than duplicate.

Visit the Mi RMAB website to find out more, join if you are already a mediator or explore the Professional Development calendar for an event near you.





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