National Mediation Conference 2019 Presentations

Updated 31st May 2019. Industry Notification for the benefit of Mediation Institute Members.

NMC 2019The National Mediation Conference 2019 was held between the 15 April to 17 April 2019 at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

The theme was Over the Horizon: Expanding the Dispute Resolution Landscape. NMC 2019 provided an opportunity for future leaders, existing practitioners, scholars and leaders to share knowledge, skills and ideas, and the program for the event was designed to showcase mediation, dispute resolution and other conflict resolution approaches through a variety of presentations, discussions, workshops, and other extended activities.


Presentations from the Conference

The NMC website now has a number of presentations from the conference uploaded including five of the plenary session presentations.

Plenary Sessions:

Plenary 3: Andrew Bickerdike: Family Law Reform. Opportunities, Risks and Vision
Plenary 5: Jeffery Hewitt: Decolonizing Through Wahkohtowin (kinship)
Plenary 8: Chris Marshall: Saying Sorry: the Power of Apology in Conflict Resolution
Plenary 9: Myrna Lewis: An Alternative View on Conflict
Plenary 10: John Braithwaite: Tempering Power and Peacemaking with Justice


Concurrent Sessions

A number of the presentations from the streams are available as well. There were seven streams so most people missed out on a lot of the presentations.

You can view the presentations here – http://nmc2019.com.au/program/presentations/

National Mediation Conference

The National Mediation Conference for 2019 is on in Canberra at the National Convention Centre for the Conference’s 25th birthday.

Presentations – http://nmc2019.com.au/program/presentations/

Extension of Early Bird Rate of $895 for NMAS Accredited Members until the 15th February 2019 with this link.

Early Bird Link – https://conlog.eventsair.com/nmc2019/msbregistration/Site/Register

In 1992, the first Conference convened in Adelaide with the theme “Family Mediation in Australia: Current Issues and Future Directions”. It has come a long way since then. In 2019, they are in the future to which those pioneers were referring.

The theme maintains that future focus “Over the Horizon: Expanding the Dispute Resolution Landscape”.

During its history, the Conference’s view of that landscape has been constantly developing, and, in 2019, they welcome mediators as well as the full scope of dispute resolvers, including conciliators, restorative justice practitioners, facilitators, and peace-builders. The Conference Design Committee has amassed an extraordinary mix of practical and theoretical perspectives across many aspects of Dispute Resolution, with equal appeal to our sector’s newest practitioners, and to those among you who are highly experienced and respected.

They welcome the practitioners, innovators, researchers, policy-makers, and thought leaders of our community to a truly exciting few days together in Canberra, and look forward to seeing you all.


Scope of the National Mediation Conference 2019

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