Family Group Conferencing Facilitator Training and Membership

Family Group Conferencing is a form of family led decision making that is informed by the professionals such as child protection working with the family. It’s purpose is to empower families, friends, community and support services to come together to develop a care plan for a child or young person or other vulnerable family member.

Photo of Eve Clare at a FGC Workshop

Eve Clare at the Sydney May 2019 Workshop

In 2018 Mediation Institute launched training and membership services for Family Group Conference Facilitation.

We partnered with one of the most experienced Family Group Conference Facilitators and Trainers in Australia, Eve Clare.

Our goal was to bring together our expertise in flexible online learning and Eve’s subject matter expertise to create a course that is flexible, accessible and reasonably priced while still allowing time to gather and share learning in a workshop environment.


Family Group Conference Facilitator Training

The course we offer has a certificate issued by Mediation Institute as well as a statement of attainment issued by our Registered Training Organisation Partner, Inspiritive.

It is designed for people who already have some experience of working with families such as community services workers or dispute resolution professionals.  Find out more about the course.

The course is blended learning to make use of Mediation Institute’s award-winning eLearning methodologies plus a two-day workshop.

We offer a limited number of public workshops as well as the option for hosted workshops if your organisation or community can organise participants.

To host a workshop we need a minimum of ten (10) people. If you would prefer to host than to pay for staff to travel consider whether there are other individuals and organisations in your area who may like to attend your hosted workshop to make up the numbers.

We provide a rebate of $150 per guest who attends your hosted workshop to cover catering and incidental costs and recognise your support for the industry.

Family Group Conference Facilitator Membership

Mediation Institute provides membership support for Family Group Conference Facilitators.

Mediation Institute is a recognised mediator accreditation body (RMAB) under the Mediator Standards Board. We provide membership support and complaint handling services for National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) accredited Mediators and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners throughout Australia.

In 2018 we established a membership category for Family Group Conference Facilitators.  There is not currently an official standard for FGC’s set by government or industry so our standards are loosely based on the NMAS standards. Any complaints about members are evaluated based on our complaint handling approach for other similar professionals.

Our approach is to keep costs low and focus on both the professional practice (the work) and building a professional practice (getting work) as many of our members provide some or all of their services as independent professionals.

This membership includes:

  • independent complaint handling service should there be the need to escalate a client complaint
  • referral to an insurance underwriter for professional indemnity insurance at $200 plus state tax (between $220 and $245 for a basic policy)
  • professional development and peer group supervision support specific to FGC’s. This also includes the right to participate in any other Mediation Institute Professional Development at no cost
  • ethical standards and a certificate of membership proving that you are a certified Family Group Conference Facilitator


Work as a FGC Facilitator


The NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) has periodic tenders open for a panel of Family Group Conference Facilitators to provide services in the child protection context. This is a link to the tender that closed 3rd August 2018 Link to Tender 

Search Term – FACS Family Group Conferencing


There are changes occurring in Queensland as well which will promote the use of FGC and we expect that child protection services and others around the country will continue and expand their use of this approach to help families protect their young ones.

South Australia

Here is some information about the use of FGC in the context of the youth courts in South Australia.


If you are planning on tendering when the FACS panel is opened up again  there are a few things that could help your tender become successful.

  1. You must have skills and experience in Family Group Conferencing for a successful application. We can help with developing the skills and qualifications of your staff. If you want more staff to be trained then please go ahead and register them now for the Family Group Conferencing training
  2. You can be a Corporate Member of Mediation Institute for Family Group Conferencing. This will also support your application. Mi FGC Member v7.18 This will be a great support for any staff or facilitators who want to have ongoing education and group supervision sessions for a low membership fee.

Contact Us if you have any questions about the training or membership.

Please forward this post on to anyone you know who may be interested in this training or who is already a Certified Family Group Conference Facilitator and may be interested in membership based support.

Protected: Family Group Conference Facilitation Webinar May 2019

This Family Group Conference Facilitation Webinar May 2019 was primarily focused on the higher conflict cases and was facilitated by Eve Clare
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