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Conflict Management for One Training


Conflict Management for One (CM-1) training and certification.

A 15% discount is available for current Mediation Institute Members. Contact the office to request a discount coupon.

Conflict Management for One training ( CM-1 ) will give you certification to provide this innovative service developed by John Cleary.

CM-1 is a process tailored to an individual involved in a conflict situation.

Clients typically are not ready for mediation, are unable to participate in mediation due to refusal by the other party or are not satisfied with the outcome of their mediation.

Who is this training course for?

The Conflict Management for One Training course is designed for people who have some experience as a mediator either an NMAS Accredited Mediator or a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

If you are not yet trained as a mediator we recommend you undertake either the NMAS or FDR course first as this is an advanced level course building on basic mediation skills.

Conflict Management for One Course Overview

The course modules are:

  1. Module One – Introduction and Overview of the CM-1 Process
  2. Module Two – The CM-1 Model and you including nine detailed case studies
  3. Module Three – The Coaching Methodology and 4 Conflict Theories
  4. Module Four – The process -how to put the learning into your practice
  5. Module Five – Reflective Practice – coordination and guidance for ongoing reflective practice
  6. Appendices – The Client Agenda Proforma, Referral Document Proforma, Role Play Scenarios based on the case studies, Visual Communication Templates

The process has a structure however is very focused on the needs of the client and relies on the skills of the mediator to help them achieve insights and develop a plan moving forward. The course is recommended for experienced mediators.

Delivery Method

The training includes:

  • self-paced online learning course with theory and the Conflict Management for One process
  • a private group for CM-1 students and graduates moderated by John Cleary.  This is an ongoing opportunity to ask questions, participate in group discussions and engage with the creator of the method
  • certification as a CM-1 Facilitator

Course Duration

The course is approximately 10 hours but you have unlimited access to the course and then ongoing support through the private group for CM-1 practitioners.

Member Discount

Mediation Institute members receive a 15% Member Discount.  Please contact the office if you do not have the discount code. Contact Us