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This page has been carefully crafted by the Mediation Institute team to extend a hand of generosity, offering discounts, exclusive invitations, and a gateway to a multitude of opportunities tailored for esteemed delegates at NMC2023 in the beautiful Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa (more commonly known as Wellington, New Zealand) from the 3rd to the 6th of September, 2023.

For those who have discovered us through various paths, we extend the same warm embrace of welcome. We encourage you to explore further by scrolling down, where a treasure trove of insights awaits, waiting to be uncovered. This is your portal to discoveries that could shape your NMC2023 experience and beyond.

Meet Joanne Law: 

  • Director – Mediation Institute, Australia
  • Co-founder and Secretary – Interact Support Inc
  • Director – Mediator Standards Board 
  • Director – NMC 
  • Australiasian Coordinator – International Mediation Awareness Week  6 – 10th November 2023 this year 
  • Australasian supporter for the Dispute Resolution Agency (DRA)
  • Mentoring Project lead – Mediators Beyond Borders Oceania (MBBO) 

Some might think I have trouble saying no but in reality I’m on a mission to prevent abuse and violence by supporting non-adversarial dispute resolution throughout the world.

 I know that the goal of “world peace” is a cliché but that’s what I’m working on anyway. 


FGC Training Discount

Enrol in our next Family Group Conference Facilitator training in October and get a $100 discount with the NMC23 discount code
(only valid until 30th September 2023).

*Use the code NMC23 when you enrol and we will send you an invoice with the discount. 


TRM Training Discount

You can enrol in the Transformative Relationship Mediation Certificate Course at any time. Get a $100 discount off our  with the NMC23 discount code
(only valid until 30th September 2023).

*Use the code NMC23 when you enrol, and we will send you an invoice with the discount. 

NMAS Mediator Training without the NMAS accreditation assessment

If you want the skills development but don’t intend to become NMAS Mediator Accredited in Australia, pay only $2,500 (not $3,650).

*Add in the notes you only want to train, and an invoice will be sent with the discount. 


International Networking Meeting 20th September 2023

Join other dispute resolution professionals from around the region to meet (online), share insights and network. Free session.

14 day Free Trial of The Dispute Resolution Agency

Join the Dispute Resolution Agency with a 2 week free trial.

Mi Mediators Network Invitation

Continue the conversation by joining the Mi Mediators Network.
A free social platform that’s not on social media for mediators, FDR practitioners and Family Group Conference Facilitators.

MBBO Invitation

Join Mediators Beyond Borders Oceania (MBBO) and be part of a community of practitioners providing education and guidance on conflict to Oceania communities.


2023 State of Family Law Series | Webinars On Demand

The 2023 State of Family Law Series presented six CPD-accredited webinars over five weeks that explored critical issues related to family violence.

Proudly presented by Smokeball and FamilyProperty, this series featured 14 expert speakers from across the family violence sector, who, in conjunction with one another, provided more than 1000 Australian family law practitioners with practical guidance, valuable insights, and relevant resources to support them in dealing with matters involving family violence.

Smokeball and FamilyProperty are pleased to provide all registrants with complimentary access to the session recordings for future use to ensure that no key learnings are missed.

*These recordings are current as July 2023 and available for viewing by legal practitioners and service providers (such as FDRP) only. Please note that some of the recordings will only be available until the end of September 2023 so we recommend that you download and watch forthwith. 


Be a International Mediation Awareness Week Event Host

#IMAW23 is officially live! Welcome to another exciting edition of International Mediation Awareness Week, returning this November 2023. Our aim this year at the Mediation Institute is to shatter all past records, setting new benchmarks for both the quantity of events and the breadth of participation, with a strong emphasis on engaging the public like never before.

Calling all mediators to step forward and become catalysts of change! In 2023, we’re inviting you to take on the role of a host. It’s your opportunity to shine as you organise dynamic webinars, immersive mock mediation sessions, enlightening information seminars, and more. Your experiences are invaluable, and this year, we’re all about spreading the reach of mediation across the globe. Be a part of #IMAW23 and let’s elevate the awareness and impact of mediation together!

Mediator Musings Podcast

Engage in a captivating Mediator Musings Podcast episode with the charismatic host, Joanne Law.

This is your chance to dive into a rich conversation centred around the impactful mediation or peacemaking initiatives you’re involved in.

Join Joanne Law on air and share your insights, experiences, and wisdom with a global audience eager to learn from your journey.

This podcast session is an avenue to illuminate your work and contribute to the wider discourse on effective conflict resolution.

Nmas Mediator Accreditation Course

NMAS Mediator Course

This 4o hour NMAS mediator course will teach you the basic skills needed to be a professional mediator according to the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS).

The course fee includes all training and assessment needed for accreditation as a NMAS Mediator. The training is delivered online at your own pace. There are nine mandatory role plays which you will participate in via video mediation. That means you will also develop your skills in video mediation.

The course includes access to individual and group mentoring sessions. You are also eligible for re-assessment if you do not pass your assessment the first time at no extra cost.

Chc81115 – Graduate Diploma Of Family Dispute Resolution

CHC81115 - Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution

This program helps Australians qualify as certified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, recognised by the Australian Attorney General.

The course equips you to ethically address post-separation concerns among family members, specializing in parenting, financial, and property matters.

Eligibility includes direct entry open to candidates holding a degree or higher in fields of law, psychology, social work, or experience in dispute resolution. If you do not qualify for the prerequisites, you can complete NMAS course first (adds 6-12 weeks).


Conflict Management for One

Expand your mediation skills with Conflict Management for One certification—an innovative way to diversify your services.

CM-1 offers client-centered clarity in a single session, suitable for individuals unready for mediation or facing uncooperative parties.

Enrol in the flexible online course for comprehensive training, assessment, certification, and discounted group supervision by creator John Cleary.


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