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Check sheet - Preparation for the Family Law Amendments 2023 for FDR Practitioners

As the definition of best interest evolves and other significant changes emerge, practitioners must reassess their practices and documentation to ensure alignment with updated standards.

To support FDR practitioners in this endeavor, we’re excited to introduce a check sheet and webinar designed to prompt reflection and exploration of current practices. These resources serve as invaluable tools for practitioners to evaluate their approaches and documentation, facilitating compliance with the new definition of the best interest of the child and other pertinent changes.

The check sheet is a practical guide that prompts practitioners to consider various aspects of their practices, from assessment procedures to documentation protocols. By systematically reviewing each element, practitioners can identify areas for improvement and ensure that their practices align with current standards and legislative requirements.

However, for those seeking a more profound understanding of the changes and their potential ramifications, we recommend exploring the paper authored by Professor Patrick Parkinson. This comprehensive resource offers an in-depth analysis of the evolving landscape of family dispute resolution, providing valuable insights and perspectives for practitioners and stakeholders alike.

As we navigate these changes together, it’s essential for practitioners to equip themselves with the knowledge and resources needed to uphold the best interest of the child effectively. By leveraging these resources and engaging in ongoing professional development, practitioners can continue to deliver high-quality services and support to families in need.

We encourage all FDR practitioners to explore the check sheet, webinar, and Professor Patrick Parkinson’s paper to deepen their understanding and readiness for the evolving landscape of family dispute resolution.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and continue to prioritise the best interest of the child in your practice.