Mediation Institute now provides Membership Services for Family Group Conference Facilitators

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Family Group Conference Facilitator MembershipDownload Here

We have two membership Options

Individual membership for … you guessed it. For individuals paying for their own membership.

Corporate membership for employers who are paying for one or more staff members. Read on for the benefits of each type of membership.

Individual Membership Member Benefits

1)   Membership Certificate to prove that you are a certified Family Group Conference Facilitator – Mi Family Group Conference Facilitator Member Certificate

2)   Access to independent complaint handling service that can address complaints made against you in the role of Family Group Conference Facilitator if the complaint requires independent review.

3)  Free and member rates Professional Development opportunities via webinar

4)  Access to Mi Members only online learning community and groups

5)  Listing on the Mi directory of independent Family Group Conference facilitators if you offer services independently from an employer

Corporate Membership Member Benefits

1)   Your staff receive all the benefits of individual membership and remain members till their renewal date (even if they leave)

2)   If your staff change you can replace them as members. Just notify that a practitioner is no longer working with you and add a new replacement for them at no extra cost up to your next renewal.

3)   Listing on the Mi directory of Organisations who offer Family Group Conferencing

4)   Receive a 10% discount per member if you have between 4 and 6 staff members

5)   Receive a 20% discount for you require 7 or more memberships

Membership Fees

1 to 3 People – $220 per person for two years

4 to 6 People – $198 per person for two years

7 or more People – $176 per person for two years

Member Applications

Membership is on an individual basis and is only available for certified Family Group Conference Facilitators.

We will need pages three to six of our application form filled out for each member. There individual membership certificate will not be issued until pages 3 to 6 of the application are provided for each individual.

Just download the application to see the information that must be provided. 

Can I purchase membership places and then provide the names?

As long as you understand that there is no refund we are happy for you to do so. We will add in the people to your corporate membership up to the number of people you have paid for. If you have all of your member places filled we will check with you if someone has left and if not ask you to pay for an additional membership on the rate that applies to your number of members.

Renewal Requirements

We are only opening up this membership category so renewals won’t be due till July 2020. By then we expect to have been the catalyst for establishing industry standards to Family Group Conference Facilitators.

The advice that we can provide at the moment is.

  • Your renewal will be due in 2 years.
  • Mediation Institute encourages professional standards and are in the process of industry consultation regarding minimum practice hours and professional development requirements for Family Group Conference Facilitators. We will keep members informed as standards are developed.
  • We invite submissions from any interested party regarding the appropriate standards.
  • We encourage facilitators to keep a record of your practice hours and professional development.
  • We are thinking at this stage that the likely requirements should be in line with the standards for NMAS Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with about 25 hours professional development and 25 hours of service delivery for every two year renewal period. Failure to meet these standards (not yet in place) would require refresher training and catch up professional development to ensure that your facilitation skills are still current.
  • Members will have access to hundreds of hours of accessible professional development each year so we believe setting a minimum standard such as this will be easily met.

Family Group Conference Facilitator Membership Application Form

Complete and return the form to make an application for membership.

Would you like to train to become a Family Group Conference Facilitator?

Mediation Institute now offers this training with our first course launching soon. Be among the first to get the course information.

The course will be blended learning making use of Mediation Institute’s award winning eLearning methodologies plus a two day workshop. We will be offering public workshops as well as in-house training.

Module One is the online learning and is suitable for people who want to learn about Family Group Conference work but not become a certified facilitator.

Module Two is the two day workshop. Module One is a pre-requisite and completion of the workshop will lead to the Family Group Conference Facilitator Certificate.

Pre-requisites for module two apply.

Public Workshop rate – $1,190 per person

In-House Workshop rate – $8,900 for up to ten people. $890 for any additional students up to a maximum training group size of 25 people.

Expression of Interest - FGC Facilitator Training

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How to book in for Mediation Institute Role Plays


Did you know that you can participate in Video Role Plays?

Information for Mediation Institute Students and Members.

Mediation Institute runs Video Mediation Role Plays every week and we often have opportunities for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners to participate as role players and observers.

The sessions run for two hours during the day and in the evening and provide valuable, free professional development opportunities for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners.

Watch the video to find out more about the Role Play Scheduler and how to book yourself in and also how to let students know that you are available to mentor.


Do you want to become a Mediation Institute Mentor?

Mediation Institute has casual contract work available for experienced NMAS Accredited Mediators and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners as role play mentors.

If you love training and mentoring, have been a NMAS Accredited mediator for a minimum of three years get in touch.

You must be either comfortable with video mediation or willing to participate in training to become comfortable with Video Mediation.

The role is unpaid while you are learning to mentor for Mediation Institute (you get two hours of Professional Development Credits) for each role play you participate in as a co-mentor.

Once you have been approved as a Mentor you will be paid on a sessional basis for role plays you mentor and/or assess against the NMAS Standards or as a FDR Practitioner.

Separate roles are available for both NMAS Accredited mediators and FDR Practitioners.

Expression of Interest Mentoring

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How to book in for Mediation Institute Events

Confused about how to locate and book in for Mediation Institute professional development events?

Students and Members. Don’t miss out on valuable, free professional development opportunities for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners.

Watch the video to find out more about the events calendar and booking in for events through Eventbrite.


Do you want to present a webinar for our members?

Presenting a webinar for Mediation Institute Members is a great way to get professional development credits, share your knowledge and build your presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment.

For each one hour of presentation you get three hours of professional development credits to allow for the preparation process.

If you have a subject close to your heart related to dispute resolution get in touch with your proposal for a presentation.

Presentation Proposal

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Join Mediation Institute and save

If you are a Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner are you paying too much for your membership association?

Join Mediation Institute and save some money

Some of the reasons for joining

  1. Mediation Institute is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB) able to accredit and re-accredit mediators.
  2. We also have a compliant complaint handling service for members who are NMAS Accredited Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.
  3. We refer members to an Insurance Underwriter who can offer an individual insurance policy for $200 plus state taxes (and you don’t even have to be a member to get that rate)
  4. All of our online Professional Development is free for Members
  5. Shared resource repository of tools, templates and tips for mediators and FDR Practitioners
  6. Mentoring available for new mediators and anyone who needs a quick chat to discuss a practice problem as well as monthly group supervision
  7. Pro-rata rates to synchronise with your current membership renewal e.g. pay $37 for four months of membership between June and September and get your Professional Development for free.

Go to our Membership Page to find out more and get a copy of our application form.

Low cost doesn’t mean Low Value

Mediation Institute was established based on four key values.

Mediation Institute ValuesFlexibility – we believe in the value of being flexible and treating people as individuals. That is why we don’t have a universal renewal date for memberships. Your membership will run for 24 months from the day you join unless you ask us for a pro-rata membership period. No reasonable request is denied.

Accessibility – we don’t think you should have to travel hours to get an hour of CPD. We run our CPD events online so that our members right around the country or the world can join in and participate. No wasted time and no barriers to entry if you have a disability or constraint of travel.

Quality – our definition of quality is the standards that we apply in terms of ethics and compliance with requirements for mediators. We focus our CPD on learning and sharing. They are friendly and welcoming but seriously focused on best practice and professional success.

Innovation – we maximise the use of technology providing training and professional development via video and online learning. Student role plays are occurring every week via Video Mediation and members are welcome to join in for professional development and practice. If there is something new and interesting we are early adopters and supporters of the innovations that improve practice and outcomes.

Find out more




Conflict of Interest waiver

From time to time as a mediator, you may be in a position to make a decision about whether to proceed with mediation or FDR when there is a potential conflict of interest.

If there was a genuine conflict of interest you would be required by ethical standards to withdraw from the proposed mediation and hopefully help the client to find another provider.

If you are not sure if there is a genuine conflict of interest have a look at these resources.

Basically, if a prior relationship or some personal benefit that may flow to the mediator is likely to bias the process either for or against one of the participants then you have a conflict of interest.

As part of your Mediation Institute Membership, you can always give us a call for a quick 2nd opinion if you’re facing an ethical dilemma.

Believe me, it is much less work for us to have a chat than it is to investigate a complaint about professional conduct so we are happy to be a sounding board.

What do you do if there is something that raises a red flag but you genuinely believe that you will be able to facilitate the dispute resolution process without bias?

Waiver of a potential conflict of Interest form

You MUST disclose to the potential clients as soon as you become aware of the potential conflict of interest.

If you AND the clients believe that the potential conflict of interest is not going to be an issue you can proceed however you should document that agreement to proceed with a potential conflict of interest waiver form.

There isn’t a standard form provided by any authority however we have an example of the one used by Interact Support in the Mediation Institute Members course area.

Example Document for FDR – Click here to go to the file. 

You will have to log in to the member’s course to access the file

Other examples wanted

Would you like to contribute to our file resources?

You can. Just log in and go to the files area.

Navigate to Templates and Sample Documents => Conflict of Interest and then click on Upload (top right of the screen) you should be able to upload your example document to share with your fellow members.

If you are better at mediation than you are at technology just email your sample document through to us and we’ll upload it for you.




Family and Relationship Services Australia 2018 Conference

The Family and Relationships National Conference is scheduled for the 20th – 23rd November 2018.

Be the Change: Leaving no one behind

is this years theme.

The FRSA National Conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of practitioners, academics and policy makers working to support children, families and communities. This ‘not to be missed’ event will feature a number of highly acclaimed keynote presenters, as well as federal ministers and sector leaders with a focus on delivering the most effective services to children, families and young people.

To be held on the 20-23 November, 2018 at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel, this year’s theme Be the change: Leaving no one behind is a call to all family and relationship service providers to continue creating better futures for all Australian children, families and communities we serve in our delivery of evidence-informed, collaborative and innovative services.

The theme lends itself to a range of areas of exploration and discussion—from outcome measurement and reporting to FRSA’s current investment into seeking how our sector can take a more coordinated prevention and early intervention approach in its service delivery.

FRSA welcomes abstracts that reflect on this theme. In doing so, you are asked to select one of the five following streams (identified stages in the family lifecourse):

  1. The first 1000 days
    Topics can include the preconception period (preconception to birth), the birth of a child, impact on family relationships and transitions into parenting.
  2. Key transition points in the schooling years
    Topics can include school readiness, transitions into and across primary and secondary schools/school years, young people with significant caring responsibilities and transitioning out of school into training, tertiary education or employment.
  3. Partnering and cohabitation
    Topics can include relationship formation, relationship and marriage counselling and developing and maintaining respectful and safe relationships.
  4. Relationship breakdown and re-partnering
    Topics can include family/domestic violence, family legal services, family dispute resolution, men’s behavioural change programs, parenting after separation, sole-parenting, sustaining the best interests and wellbeing of children and the changing nature of family dynamics experienced through reporting.
  5. Ageing
    Topics can include grandparents as primary care-giver of children, elder abuse and changing family structures as people stay at home for longer.

As well as selecting one of these streams, your abstract may also focus on sub-themes of importance to our sector, including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services;
  • Services for people of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • Family Violence;
  • Technology; and/or
  • Workforce Capacity Building.

Conference Start Date








About FRSA

As the national peak body for family and relationship services, Family and Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) is committed to strong policy engagement.

They have a critical leadership role in representing over 180 FRSA Member organisations and supporting the needs and interests of this strong, diverse and adaptable membership and the children, families and communities they serve. These Member organisations provide family and community services to approximately 400,000 clients from 1,300 outlets across Australia each year amidst an ever-changing fiscal and social landscape.

FRSA was established in July 2007 following the decision to a single representative structure. It was identified that the Australian community would benefit from a single, national peak body that would support organisations that provide family and relationship services. Please read more about FRSA history.

From our establishment in 2007 to today, we have been an active and effective conduit for information flow between their Members (and other stakeholders) and the Australian Government.

FRSA Vision


Key Dates

Call for Abstracts close –
14 May 2018 – notify authors early June. 

Open Early Bird Registration – Registration
7 May 2018

Group Discounts – a discount is available for bulk registrations so if you are considering attending get in touch with Mediation Institute and we’ll put together a list to see if we can get a bulk discount for you.  You have until September for the early bird rates so let us know between now and then. 

Early Bird Registration close
30 September, 2018

Standard Registration open
1 October, 2018

Conference Starts
20 November 2018

Expression of Interest for Group Discount

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