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Interact Online

National online dispute diagnostic and dispute resolution service.

Interact Support is a not-for-profit established in 2015 by Mediation Institute directors and others to provide opportunities for new family dispute resolution practitioners to gain experience. We remain committed and have extended our support over the past five years. 

The motivation was originally provided by the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution requirements for work placement increasing to 50 hours.  The program was for family dispute resolution services only until 2020 but the program has now been extended to help our new NMAS Mediator Graduates to overcome the gap between being qualified and being experienced.

The evolution of Interact Online

In February 2020 following the catastrophic bush fires and community need Mediation Institute began looking at offering a community mediation program.
Then COVID-19 hit and so after lots of discussion and several iterations we decided it made more sense to work with Interact Support to extend their dispute resolution services to any type of dispute resolution. 
On the 1st July 2020 the Interact Online program was launched.  Interact Support Inc. is a social enterprise style not-for-profit dedicated to preventing abuse and violence unsurprisingly due to having the same key people behind it, Interact Support has the same mission as Mediation Institute.


What is Interact Online?

Interact Online is an online dispute diagnostic and dispute resolution service staffed by volunteer and contractor NMAS Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.
Experience Levels

Contractor or Volunteer?

We are using experience levels and availability be the determination for whether our mediators and FDRP's are contractors or volunteers.

If you are green or rusty or have only very limited availability we offer you the opportunity to volunteer as a co-mediator. If you are experienced and can take on at least two jobs a month we would be delighted to invite you to be a paid contractor.

Interested in working with Interact Online as a NMAS Mediator or FDR Practitioner?