FDR Assessment Tools

The CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution is a practical course to train Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. That means that we need to assess their skills. 

Our usual approach is to use role play scenarios for the basic skills and either role plays or workplace evidence for the more complex cases. 

The tools below are usually used in role play assessment for those basic role plays by our qualified assessors. They may be used in co-assessment of students who are already employed with FDR services and have the support in place to allow them to facilitate the processes and be observed by a registered FDRP. 


The two basic role plays for parenting are pre-mediation (which encompasses the risk screening and client preparation) and parenting mediation. 


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Additional Skills Assessments

There are other skills assessments that need to be completed as well which more commonly are assessed in the workplace as part of the placement. They can also be assessed via role plays. 

  1. High Conflict Pre-mediation (generally where there is a family violence order or disclosures of family violence / risks to children)
  2. Shuttle Mediation 
  3. Child Inclusive FDR
  4. Safety Planning (only for students completing the full grad dip not core units students) 

You can download the workplace assessment tools below. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Normally not as we want to make sure that the student can competently facilitate FDR mediation without any input from a mentor or supervisor. This is most easily done via role plays. 

However we also want to be as flexible and as aligned with the needs of our students and their employers so we can look at alternative assessment for  students who: 

  • are able to be live assessed by an observing FDR practitioner in the workplace
  • evidence of that assessment is provided and the supervisor participates in a discussion with one of our qualified assessors 


  • Your workplace has a FDR practitioner who has current training and assessment qualifications that Mi approves for the completion of assessments. 

Next step if you would like to apply for workplace assessment of the basic parenting and/or property role plays. 

Contact our office on office@mediationinstitute.edu.au or phone 1300 781 533 so we can arrange a time to meet (via zoom) to discuss. 

Our standard approach is that the work placement starts once the student has completed their course theory work and been assessed as competent in these role plays. 

  1. Pre-Mediation Parenting
  2. Parenting Mediation
  3. Pre-Mediation Property
  4. Property Mediation

A standard exception to this is for our students who are currently employed within a FDR workplace as an intake worker or similar role.  We allow you to begin your work placement once you’ve completed the first 2 role play assessments successfully. 

Additional variation of this is possible depending on the level of support in the workplace. 

If it has been agreed that some or all of the basic role plays are going to be waived and replaced with workplace assessment the student SHOULD commence their work placement as soon as approval is given. 

The agreement and assessment tools that relate to the work placement are available below. 



Work Placement Documents