Due to the number of requests we get from students of other training organisations for work placement opportunities Mediation Institute has introduced a program to assist students of other training providers to compete their work placement requirements.

Structured program

As there is considerable variation in the quality of training providers we have developed a two step program to provide work placements to unqualified students of the graduate diploma of family dispute resolution.

Stage One: A role play assessment.

We have concerns about the quality of the training provided by some other training organisations who we believe are not providing sufficient skills development opportunities and then using a small work placement as the final step in their course that must be completed before qualification. We would like to assist people who are at risk of not qualifying because their training provider is demanding a work placement but not assisting them however we won’t be a party to putting inadequately trained people into a client situation. Therefore we require that anyone we assist with a work placement is assessed for competence through a FDR Mediation role play prior to a placement being offered. 

Fee for stage one: $300

Stage Two: Work Placement of up to 10 hours including one co-mediation role play.

The general requirement that the students who have approached us looking for placement opportunities is ten hours. If you have higher requirements please contact us to discuss what you need.

Fee for stage two: $700

Total fee for assistance with a 10 hour placement is $1,000

This fee will increase to $3,000 for 50 hour placements that will be required under the CHC81115 qualification.

Why train with another provider?

We can’t tell you that as we don’t think you should.

Mediation Institute provides a structured program of training to develop your competence as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and where work placement is required, to help you locate a suitable placement.

We are currently working with a number of Family Dispute Resolution services to put in place a structured supervised work placement program to ensure that the new 50 hour work placements with the CHC81115 are a seamless part of our course and a rewarding experience for students and the FDR work placement providers alike.

Do your homework and make sure you will be supported appropriately when you are doing your comparisons before choosing a training provider.

We are not all equal in our care for our students success.

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