Mediation Institute welcomes qualified Mediators and FDR practitioners to join our role plays as part of your CPD requirements as an opportunity to learn and share with new mediators.

We also welcome those considering training to become professional mediators and  FDR Practitioners to join us on webinars and role plays to gain a greater appreciation of our training methods.

Please follow the links to register to attend and one of our team will contact you to assist.

Weekly Student Update: 22/6/2016

Update on role plays that are on in the next week or two especially where we are still looking for role players. Remember if we get enough people able to participate we can usually put on two mentors.

Issue with Zoom Screen Sharing

We found a vulnerability with Zoom that you all need to be aware of and especially graduates who are using zoom with clients, be aware.

If you go to private sessions while you have a screen shared the person you put on hold can see changes made to that screen even though they are on hold.

Recommended Process to avoid accidentally sharing confidential discussions:

  1. Stop screen share BEFORE going to private sessions
  2. Conduct the private session as usual and if you do want to look at the agenda or the Financial Spreadsheet it is fine to share the screen AFTER you have put the other party on hold.

In the role play today the screen share was on and as the parties had not yet put any proposals on the table the mediator did some “working out” on the spreadsheet and then deleted the changes before going to the party that was on hold but we found out that she had been able to see the changes as they were being made!

While you won’t usually be typing anything into a shared document during private sessions there may be times when a scenario like this arises where you use as shared document to help a client to “see” what the proposal they are working on looks like. Thank goodness that happened in a role play and not with real clients.

Role Plays

Tomorrow – Thursday 23.6.2016

7 – 9 pm FDR Property Mediation

Mentor – Joanne

Mediator – Hara

RP 1 – Dawny

RP 2 –

We need a 2nd role player for this mediation – please book here (Links to an external site.)

NMAS Assessment

Ursula is doing her NMAS / Cert IV final assessment at 12.30 with Bree and Lisa Walker as her role players. Good luck Ursula – I’m sure that no luck will be needed

Saturday 25.6.2016 – 10am to 12pm

Mentor: Ken

Mediator: Lisa Walker

RP1: Natalie Walsh

RP2: Dawny

Observer: Brad

Room for other observers and if someone really needs to do their Property Role Play I’m sure that one of the role players will swap out for you. (Links to an external site.)

Monday 27th June 12.30 – 2.30 pm Cert IV Pre-Mediation

Mentor: Joanne

Mediator 1: Lisa Naftal


We need a role player for Lisa ideally one of our Cert IV / NMAS students who need to prepare for your role plays. Email Joanne if you’d like to participate. We’ll have time for two role plays if you’d like to swap about.

Monday 27th June – 7 – 8.30 pm Webinar

This week I thought we might talk about Safety Planning and have a look at a few of the different Safety Plan templates that are out there.  It would be great if those who do Safety Plans already are prepared for some Show and Tell!

Time: 7 – 8 pm and then up to half an hour of general questions about anything that students need to ask about.

Where: Zoom 401 293 5000

Tuesday 28th June – 7 to 9 pm

Mentor: Ken

Mediator: Lisa Walker




We haven’t got any role players for this one yet so if you’re available let us know. (Links to an external site.)

Wednesday 29th June – 12.30 – 2.30 pm

Mentor: Joanne

Mediator: Anthea Shaw

RP1: Gill Enterkin

RP2: Jacki Leech

Observer: (Links to an external site.)

Saturday 2nd July – Role Play 10am – 12 pm

Mentor: Ken Speakman

Mediator: Anthea



Role Play: Property Mediation

Haven’t got any role players for Anthea yet so here is the booking link – (Links to an external site.)

I’m updating the July Calendar with the scheduled role plays – if those dates fit for you please select them (even if you are as a standby mediator) as sometimes we have mediators who have to back out or if there are enough potential role players we can schedule another mentor.

Please put your name down in the HIGHEST role you are ready to perform e.g if you are ready to mediate put yourself down as mediator or standby mediator. (you don’t have to bother registering as role player or observer as we’ll adjust your role if necessary)

Finally remember that we can schedule additional role plays at times that work for you.

I tend to wake up at 5am so could do before work if there are enough early birds but understand that we need to go the other end of the day. For the WA people especially we know that the times are a bit hard for you so can accommodate your needs if you can’t schedule the 8 am, 10.30 am or 5 pm starts.

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